What do I expect from Marco Polo program?


My name is Anastasia Shvets.





And I am currently a second year student of Vatel Moscow School. I would like to talk about Marco Polo program. I think it is a big opportunity to study one year abroad. In my opinion it is a great chance to improve language, communication and organizational skills, to get out of my comfort zone, to become better as a professional.

Why do I suppose that the Marco Polo program is very important to me? First of all, in my opinion, the main goal of this program is to try different ways of education. I think European methods of studying are more focused on putting knowledge into practice, which will favorable affect the student’s professional activities. And the program Marco Polo will help me with that a lot.

In the second place, I think that cardinal changes in habitual lifestyle will help me to become more stress resistant, ready to adapt to everything new, to go beyond the usual, to become more independent and strong personality.

And finally I want to say that studying abroad will enrich my life and professional experience. The Marco Polo program will give me a wonderful opportunity to visit new places, to meet interesting people and try to understand another culture.


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